Titanium aluminides are a next generation material that have been in development since the 1970s.  They have found application in automobiles and aircrafts where their lightweight and resistance to oxidation allow them to replace more dense Iron or Nickel based alloys.  The melting, casting and chemical homogeneity are all difficult to control in the manufacturing process. Metalwerks has an Induction Skull Melting(ISM) furnace which is uniquely suited to the manufacture of these alloys.   The ISM utilizes a cold wall crucible to melt high purity materials and an induction heating source provides turbulent mixing of the raw materials. The nominal charge size is 150 pounds. The resultant ingots of this alloy come out homogenous after the first melt when compared to other melting techniques such as Plasma Melting or Vacuum Arc Remelting.   This also allows us to cast to nearly any shape you require. We have cast this alloy in sizes ranging as small at 2” diameter and all the way up to 8” diameter, but we have the capacity to melt any size you require and could even cast into an investment casting.

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