Nitinol is an alloy of nickel and titanium where the alloy content is an equal atomic percentage of nickel and titanium.   Nitinol is unique in that it undergoes a shape memory effect (SME) as well as superelasticity (SE). The shape memory feature is what allows the material to be deformed at one temperature and then recover to its original shape after it is heated past its “transformation temperature”.  The superelasticity property allows the material to undergo elastic deformations of up to 30 times more than ordinary metal. In order to ensure these unique properties are met, the composition must be tightly controlled as well as the processing of the material.

Metalwerks utilizes its Induction Skull Melter (ISM) to melt high purity, low inclusion content nitinol.   We then remelt these ingots in our Vacuum Arc Remelt (VAR) furnace to ensure homogeneity and to consolidate multiple ISM melts into one ingot for processing.  Through these process paths Metalwerks manufactures many different product forms in a variety of transition temperatures. Typical Austenitic start temperatures range from -30C all the way up to 115C with any temperature range in between.  The product forms we routinely make include 0.5” up to 2” diameter bar and plate ranging from 0.100” up to 0.500” thickness. One of the most common products we manufacture is 0.25” diameter coil rod that is used as input stock for subsequent cold rolling and drawing operations.

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