Inductoin Skull Melting Metalwerks Pittsburgh PA

Metalwerks operates one of the most unique Induction Skull Melting (ISM) furnaces in the United States.    The specially designed water-cooled copper crucible melts up to 150 pounds of reactive metals such as titanium and zirconium.   The induction coil provides stirring of the molten metal. This results in very homogenous castings.

One advantage of the ISM is that it can use many different forms of raw material.  Unlike cold hearth or consumable electrode melting techniques, the ISM can use bars, chunks, chips, clips, sponge or revert to make up the raw material charge.   We also have extensive experience with vacuum system management and can manufacture alloys with low oxygen or other residual requirements. Please see our other pages for more information on how these furnaces are utilized for Nitinol, Titanium Aluminides, and EIGA Electrode melting.

Metalwerks understands that the metals industry is complex.  If you have a question about our capabilities, request for quotation, or other inquiry, we are always available by phone at 724-378-9020.  Or send over your request using the request quote or contact links above. A team member will get back to you promptly.