Alloy Development Metalwerks Pittsburgh PA

Metalwerks has equipment to research and develop new alloys.   Whether it is small quantities (50-300 grams) of a completely new alloy system in our button melter, 5-20 pound heats of iron, nickel, or cobalt based alloys in our R&D Vacuum Induction Melter (VIM), or 75 to 150 pound heats of titanium or zirconium alloys in our Induction Skull Melter (ISM), we have the equipment needed to perform alloy development.

On top of our in-house equipment, our team of experienced metallurgists has the experience and conversion industry relationships to take cast ingots to their final product forms.   Our process engineers can develop hot working practices to make bar, sheet, plate, strip, or other custom geometries. Whether you are looking for a small tweak to a commercially available alloy or you are looking to develop a new alloy for a new application, Metalwerks can partner with you to make your new alloy a reality.

Metalwerks understands that the metals industry is complex.  If you have a question about our capabilities, request for quotation, or other inquiry, we are always available by phone at 724-378-9020.  Or send over your request using the request quote or contact links above. A team member will get back to you promptly.