Vacuum Arc Re-Melting Metalwerks Pittsburgh PA

Metalwerks Vacuum Arc Remelt (VAR) furnaces have an extensive range of capabilities.  The crucible sizes range from 2.5” diameter and up to 20” diameter. The furnace is setup to melt Fe, Ni, Co, Ti, and Zr alloys.  This furnace is used to remelt VIM or ISM ingots into larger ingots for processing. The melting is controlled by a PLC, and the robust vacuum system creates very high purity material with low inclusion content.

Metalwerks utilizes two different VAR furnaces.  Our research VAR casts electrodes that are either 2.5” or 4.5” diameter and up to 10” in length.   Our production VAR is capable of melting ingots as small as 6” diameter, weighing around 150 pounds, and can go all the way up to 20” diameter at around 6000 pounds.

We have a large selection of crucible sizes in between this range.  The table below lists the crucible sizes we currently use.

Max Weight Ni
Max Weight Ti
6.5 215 115
6 490 265
8 840 475
9 915 515
11 2280 1235
12 1965 1105
13 3660 2160
16 3615 2225
17 5000 3700
20 5000 4455

Metalwerks understands that the metals industry is complex.  If you have a question about our capabilities, request for quotation, or other inquiry, we are always available by phone at 724-378-9020.  Or send over your request using the request quote or contact links above. A team member will get back to you promptly.