Metalwerks commissioned a Flow International Mach 2b 4020b waterjet cutting machine with 3-axis cutting in 2017. The unit features both abrasive and pure water cutting, as well as a 6 ½ ft x 13 ft cutting bed, and can cut virtually any material with a thickness up to 7”. This machine maintains a linear straightness accuracy of +/- 0.005” /3ft (+/- 0.13mm/m) with 0.0025in (0.064mm) repeatability and can cut to a tolerance of +/- 0.002” to +/-0.005” (varies with material and thickness) with a cut quality ranging from rough to very smooth. Metalwerks also performs part nesting to optimize material utilization.

We are open to requests for toll cutting of your material. Files in DXF format are preferred, but we also accept DWG, IGES, STEP, ACIS, AMF, IDF, OBJ, Rhino, SketchUp, STL, Bitmaps, ORD, and more. Please give us a call or submit a request above and a member of our sales team will be able to quote your requirement.

Metalwerks understands that the metals industry is complex.  If you have a question about our capabilities, request for quotation, or other inquiry, we are always available by phone at 724-378-9020.  Or send over your request using the request quote or contact links above. A team member will get back to you promptly.